Don’t Sleep…

Things are moving, people are buzzing.
Our event @The VeniceArtCrawl event went superb, lots of people are becoming familiar with the GorillaMic brand and interested in being involved.

(left to right) Tax, Geez, & Choize <- GorillaMic Fam

Espiv, Verbs, & Annie Preece (part of our ‘troops/affiliates)

Mate from Istartfights – (part of our ‘troops/affiliates)

Thanks from Spiv & Geez (GorillaMic) to all whom were in attendance, keep up with GorillaMic via our “Events” page or
You can check out a recap/montage of the event below.


Making Moves Like U-Haul.

Already locking down several events for 2011 . . .and it’s only the 3rd!
This year is going to be crazy.

Gorilla Mic x Big-Up Mondays
Gorilla Mic x HipstersHeartHipHop
Gorilla Mic x Bananas | Project Blowed
Gorilla Mic
x Indigenous
Gorilla Mic x Gold Lion
Gorilla Mic x BeatSwapMeet
Gorilla Mic x Peel Here x HNDP
Gorilla Mic x Freestyle Madness
Gorilla Mic x South By South West
Gorilla Mic x Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk
Gorilla Mic x Venice Art Crawl (round 2)
Gorilla Mic x Huskey Radio
Gorilla Mic x Rehab Radio
Gorilla Mic x HipHop Philosphy

Not to mention countless art, music, & clothing collaborations in the works.

If your interested in getting down with GM and want to propose an idea/concept  for an event, or be a part of something via sponsorship or other means,
please email us at:

Most recent events:
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The Hundreds | Tradition | Honey B Events ( NYE 12.31.10 )

Gorilla Mic x Honey B Events x Tradition – Black Friday Party ( 11.26.10 )
Gorilla Mic x Maui & Sons x Venice Art Crawl ( 11.16.10 )
Gorilla Mic x  Fat Beats LA  x 88HipHop ( 9.18.10 / 9.19.10 )
Gorilla Mic x Echo Park
Gorilla Mic x Santa Monica Pier
Gorilla Mic x Venice Beach
Gorilla Mic x Hollywood